Aug 222012

That’s right, everyone! We’ve got another update to the MDN wiki already, just one day after the last update! Before we get into today’s update, I’d like to note that yesterday’s caused a noticeable improvement to page load times. I’m quite pleased!

This update is, again, fairly small, but has some nice improvements that will impact productivity in helpful ways, so it was worth getting pushed to our production servers quickly.

Here’s a quick list of what’s new:

  • The revisions RSS feed has undergone the first round of updating to improve its usefulness; among other things, sequences of changes to the same document are now all included in one entry in the feed, and there’s now a side-by-side diff of the HTML, similar to the one in the in-site revision history. It is not yet pretty; however, its output is more useful and extensive. More work will be done over the next few weeks to make it better. We promise!
  • The site was serving up several HTML <meta> tags that served no useful purpose. These have been removed.
  • The copyright notice at the bottom of the page was not correct; it has been updated to read “© 2005-2012 Mozilla and individual contributors”.
  • A bit of JavaScript that was being loaded twice is now only loaded once.
  • A bug that caused the display of the parent of a page in the editor to be wrong if the parent has moved has been fixed. This is a step along the road to adding support for moving pages, which is coming Real Soon Now™.
  • Attributes for the <select> element are now whitelisted so that examples will work correctly.
  • The correct permission is now checked for letting users attach files to articles. This should help improve the availability of this feature!
  • The ability to delete a revision has been removed and has been replaced with a revert feature; you can now choose a version of an article to revert to. Doing so makes a copy of that version and makes a new version of the page with those contents. This makes undoing changes less destructive, and much safer. However, the UI for the revert feature has not landed yet. It will come very soon.
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