Aug 242012

ZOMG! We pushed a second update today. And not as a panic move, but because we have more, tested, features and enhancements to give you! To wit:

  • The user interface for reverting changes has been implemented. The history list now offers a Revert link next to each version of the article. Clicking this creates a new version of the article based on the version you selected.
  • The JavaScript code for the editor is no longer loaded if you’re not logged in; this will improve page load times if you’re not logged into the wiki.
  • The “Save and keep editing” button now clears the revision comment when clicked, so you don’t accidentally re-use a previous edit comment.
  • The label of the revision comment box has been corrected; it accidentally said “Review comment.”
  • The revision comment box has been moved above the tag editing area, since it will typically be used more often.
  • Fixed a broken image reference in the site CSS.

This is another nice set of usability improvements. It’s very exciting to be getting so much good stuff so quickly!

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