Aug 242012

We’ve just pushed another modest update to the Kuma software that powers the MDN wiki. The biggest changes here are modest improvements that will affect our international community. Here’s a quick list of what’s changed:

  • Persona login support has been enabled for all locales, including those for which there’s no Persona translation at this time. Previously, we had a specific list of locales for which we supported logging in, which kept a lot of people from editing MDN. No more!
  • The text “BrowserID” has finally been corrected to “Persona” everywhere.
  • The <s> and <tfoot> elements are now on the editor’s whitelist.
  • Translation screens for right-to-left locales now put the original English text on the right instead of on the left; this should feel more natural for people in these locales.
  • Demo Studio has been updated to use the changed URLs for documentation post-Kuma launch.

As I said, this is a pretty modest update, but the login and localization improvements should make our localization community ever-so-slightly happier! Enjoy!

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