Aug 292012

Even though I’m taking time off from work this week, I still want to share the news that we have a new update to MDN’s Kuma wiki platform for you today! We have some nice improvements for you this time around:

  • If you accidentally leave an editor page (by clicking the back button or going to a new page using a bookmark or the URL bar), a draft of your current state is saved locally on your computer. Returning to the page will offer to restore that draft. The recently-added alert when leaving a page has been removed in favor of this change. This is freaking awesome stuff that I’m totally stoked to have!
  • The link editor now prefills the URL box with “/locale/docs/”, and when you tab to that field, the text entry point begins after that text (instead of selecting the existing content), so you can just start typing the rest of the URL. This should provide a subtle, but helpful, improvement to the amount of time it takes to create new links.
  • In-wiki redirects created using the REDIRECT syntax were previously, incorrectly, 302 temporary redirects. They are now 301 permanent redirects. This will improve SEO as well as being more semantically accurate.
  • A rule in the CSS for edit pages that was attempting to load a non-existent image has been corrected; this was adding up to 0.7 seconds to the load time of the edit page, every time, due to the delay caused while the 404 page was being loaded.
  • The text in the “Revision comment” box that explains what the box is for has been changed slightly. It’s probably not worth mentioning even; that’s how slightly it’s changed!

Our team continues to do fabulous work — and fully half of the development team is on vacation this week, so this just shows how great they are, since great stuff continues to happen anyway.

I’ll be back at work from my vacation week the day after Labor Day (that is, I’ll be back on September 4th). See you then!

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  2 Responses to “Kuma update: August 29, 2012”

  1. Hi, I would appreciate if you consider to enhance kuma in some way to make possible execution of macro inside another macro see

  2. sashko:

    Yes, we have a bug for that already! I don’t know if or when it will happen. However, we do have plans to make most if not all of the places we used to do that work better anyway.

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