Sep 042012

I’m back from my week of PTO and just in time! We have a new Kuma wiki platform update today on MDN. To wit:

  • You can now choose SVG images when inserting images into articles. This will be great for diagrams as well as for the SVG reference documentation.
  • The syntax highlighter now has an option for C/C++. How we missed including this originally, I have no idea!
  • The default link in the link editor is now the “simplest” one; that is, the one with the shortest slug. This doesn’t yet make the default always the best choice, but it’s an improvement.
  • The “Revision content” button in a revision details page in the history system now actually shows you the content of the revision.
  • Some initial behind-the-scenes coding for the page moving system has been implemented. There’s more to come.
  • You can now use the class and style attributes the HTML <strong> element.
  • The name attribute is now allowed on <a> elements.
  • You can now use the start attribute on <ol> elements.
  • More MathML elements and attributes are on the editor’s white list. We’re gradually making our way toward being able to use MathML in page content.
  • You can no longer use quotes in page slugs.
  • User profile pages’ list of recent documentation activity now has correct URLs to the affected content.
  • Updated the text of the Dev Derby rules.

In all, another handy little update. Lots of tweaks to make things more pleasant to use, and to fix a few more little glitches in content around the site. This week, our development team is all back from their various vacations, so I have high hopes for great things!

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