Sep 062012

We have a new update to the MDN Kuma wiki that’s just gone live this afternoon. There are a number of fixes for SEO as well a couple of editing experience changes that should be appreciated.

  • You can now add and remove tags while using the translation user interface.
  • The template editor displays properly again. Our update late last week inadvertently broke it.
  • An extra <h1> block that was harming SEO has been corrected.
  • Canonical links are now reported using <link rel=”canonical”> to further improve SEO.
  • Window titles are now suffixed with “MDN” instead of with “Mozilla Developer Network”. This both helps SEO (since people search on “MDN,” not “Mozilla Developer Network”). It also reduces the visibility of the Mozilla brand, which is important since much of our content is browser-agnostic.
  • Fixed some typos in September Dev Derby text.

A relatively modest update today. However, we continue to fight the good fight to improve our Google juice, while at the same time gradually bringing new features to our community.

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