Sep 072012

Families share photos. We have multiple computers. Why are there still no home photo servers that let multiple users share a library and maintain the photos, metadata, and so forth all at the same time? Not having a way to this nowadays is absurd.

iPhoto is by and large a nice piece of software (although it has a number of quirks; don’t get me wrong). But it’s not set up to let me sit at my laptop and manage the family’s photo library, which is kept in iPhoto on my daughter’s iMac. That iMac is the source for all our photo syncing to iPhone and iPad devices, as well as for our AppleTV. I don’t like having to sit at my daughter’s computer when I want to import new photos, edit them, and add metadata to them. Her desk is small and uncomfortable for a big guy like me. And often the times I want to be working on the photos is in conflict with her wanting or needing to be at her desk.

On top of that, adding comments and ratings to photos is exactly the sort of thing that’s nice to be able to do while sitting on my laptop (or, dare I say it, my iPad) in front of the TV.

Someone is likely to think, “Why not store the library on a NAS?” That doesn’t work because you can’t use it from multiple computers at the same time, which I need to be able to do. There are too many people (and devices) in my house that want or need to access the library at the same time. And I don’t think it makes sense that I should have to compromise on something that should be a basic, obvious requirement nowadays.

It’s absolutely ludicrous that there’s no way to do this. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a solution for this, and there’s pretty clearly not one.

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