Sep 212012

Yesterday afternoon, we pushed a new update to MDN’s Kuma software. This update got us tons of changes; it had been two weeks since our last push (which is, to date, the longest we’ve gone without an update since we launched the new platform). Here’s a rundown of what’s changed:

  • By default, all users now have permission to attach files to articles; instead of granting upload permission, we now remove it from individual users as needed.
  • Localizers can now edit the titles of translated articles (woohoo!).
  • The description of an attached image (as entered when adding the attachment) is now the default alt text for images.
  • The styles in the editor now more closely match the styles you see when reading content.
  • Special pages, like edit pages, history, compare, and translation pages, are now marked as not being things that Google should crawl and index. This will help some broken SEO and other issues.
  • When users try to log into MDN for the first time since our switch to Persona, and they don’t have an email address in their MDN configuration, they now get an appropriate message explaining what they need to do; previously, we had an unfortunate error condition here.
  • Inconsistencies in the markup of tables of contents have been corrected.
  • When pages skip heading levels, the table of contents now draws more attractively than before.
  • The template editor no longer displays bogus error icons by the line numbers in certain cases.
  • Using the <code> element in headings no longer breaks those headings’ entries in the table of contents.
  • Display of some text in the static Learn HTML page has been fixed.
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