Oct 042012

It’s rare, when writing documentation, that questions don’t arise. When writing documentation, we try to avoid hassling the engineers with questions, but it’s almost inevitable that we’ll run into something we’re not able to figure out on our own. When that happens, we need to know who to contact with our question.

And, all too often, we have no clue at all who we should reach out to. We’ll ask blindly on IRC and sometimes (but not as often as we’d like) get the answer we seek. Then we’ll ask on mailing lists. Often that’s a dead end. Then we resort to emailing people at random until the answer is found.

There’s a way to make this better. I’ve created a new page on the MDN site on which I’d like to try to build a list of subject-matter experts (SMEs). SME is a lingoistic way to describe a person who’s an expert at a technology to the point that they’re the right person to go to when you have questions about the technology, its implementation, and its usage.

Having this list will save our writing team a lot of time, and will help us produce quality documentation for your technologies more quickly, efficiently, effectively in the future.

Please take a look at the list and fill out any contact information you can, or add new rows to the table if we’re missing technologies (which I’m quite sure we are!).

Thanks in advance from the happy, helpful documentation gnomes of Mozilla!

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  2 Responses to “Help us find subject-matter experts!”

  1. Wouldn’t mozillians.org be the right place to get and keep such information?

  2. Well, yes, except it doesn’t right now. Adding a wiki page is the quick way to get started on what’s a time-sensitive effort. I need to get this information right away so we can optimize our documentation process. Speaking of which, I will shortly be posting a proposal for how I’d like to make some dramatic changes to our documentation process in order to improve our throughput and reliability.

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