Oct 082012

For much of the past year, Mozilla has been working along with an astonishing collection of Web superpowers to help create a new resource for Web developers. When you get Mozilla, W3C, Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Nokia, and Opera all working together to ensure that the content on a site reflects the realities of the modern open Web, the result is bound to be exciting.

And it is! The new Web Platform Docs site is nowhere near complete yet — this is a huge job! — but it’s off to a great start. All of these organizations have contributed some content, funding, and content to the site, and have vowed to continue to do so going forward. The result, over time, should be the most accurate resource for open Web developers on the planet.

Of course, you may ask, “What does this mean for MDN?”

In the short to medium term, not much. We do encourage our contributors to consider putting their content on both sites (keeping in mind that the licenses are different; we use CC-SA and WPD uses CC-BY). Over the long term, once WPD takes off and is a success, hope to move toward putting all open Web content there, and using MDN solely for Mozilla-specific content. Time will tell.

In the meantime, welcome WPD! I look forward to watching you grow up.

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  1. Also note that the terms of service requires licensing contributions to W3C + others under an ambiguous second license. I don’t know why the CC license doesn’t suffice.

    Also, how much influence did Mozilla have here? (Your post says that this is work that has been happening over the last year. Did I manage to miss this? Where can I see the work leading up to the announcement?) Going with CC-BY over CC-SA seems less than ideal on its own, all other things equal, but it seems downright silly to have chosen it, given that it prevents using basically any of the content built up on MDN over the last ~7 years.

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