Oct 102012

We have a new update to the Kuma software that drives the MDN site today! This is an interesting assortment of changes, most of which you probably won’t directly notice, but should improve the site on a general level.

  • MDN now has a sitemap.xml file, which is automatically updated periodically. This should improve SEO, possibly significantly.
  • RSS feeds were being generated based on the wrong timestamp, resulting in spurious entries in the feeds being created whenever anyone force-refreshed a page. Now this won’t happen anymore.
  • The keyboard shortcuts for “save” and “save-and-exit” have been swapped, so that they match what we intended.
  • A lot of back-end work has been done toward implementing page moving. It’s not yet exposed to users, though.
  • The content of the <title> of pages on MDN has been changed slightly to improve legibility.
  • The <ruby>, <rp>, and <rt> elements are now allowed in article contents.
  • The font-variant CSS property is now allowed in article contents.
  • A <dfn> element is now used on the slug box in the editor to provide an explanation of what the term “slug” means; this will help users understand how things are done a little better.
  • Some administrative code has been written to help repair some translated pages which are missing their breadcrumb trails.

There’s a lot of code here. In particular, a ton of work has been done toward implementing page moving. Just because you don’t see it yet doesn’t mean a lot of progress hasn’t been made. This should reach these golden shores soon!

Our development team continues to amaze me. There are some great updates coming soon. Prepare to enjoy some fabulous new features soon!

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