Oct 112012

Yep! Even though we did a push yesterday, we have another one today! A few things that needed extra testing, or weren’t quite ready yesterday are ready now. There’s a lot of stuff here in preparation for the launch of the first pass of our live sample support! These are exciting times!

  • Fixed a bug that was causing page edits to sometimes create faulty redirects to their parents.
  • Initial work on the live sample view. I will blog separately about this once it’s ready to actually use. This is one of the things I’ve been looking forward to for years!
  • The CSS class names used by the syntax highlighter are better; this is related to the sample view work.
  • All site images have been further optimized (losslessly), thereby reducing size by about 10%.

So progress is progress! We should have the ability to actually use the new live sample features soon!

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