Oct 252012

After years of wishing we had a complete reference to events supported by Firefox (both standard events and non-standard ones, including those used just for add-ons), we finally have one! Louis-Rémi Babé has produced the Mozilla event reference! He scoured specifications, existing documentation, and the source tree, hunting down every event and documenting it. At this point, if any are missing, it’s purely an oversight. Please feel free to contribute additions and corrections as needed. In particular, we could really use help building out compatibility tables for each event.

When I first joined Mozilla 6 ½ years ago, one of the first things I noticed was that we had no thorough reference to events. Indeed, even what little documentation we had for events was strewed haphazardly through the docs, such as bits of documentation for certain DOM events being contained within pages about the DOM objects that send them. Over time, occasional abortive attempts were made to unify or at least standardize this content, but not much ever came of it. Finally, Louis-Rémi got on the job late this summer and pounded it out.

There’s likely some clean-up work left to be done, and odds are we could use more examples of how to make use of some of these events. However, the fact that we finally have an easy way to hunt down the right event for the task at hand is a victory for the MDN community and for the broader Web development community.

Well done, Louis-Rémi! Thank you!

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  1. Links to HTML5 spec are wrong in that page.
    Should use the up-to-date version of HTML spec

  2. deezthugs commented on Bit Stampede:

    RT @sheppy: The MDN event reference, at last! http://t.co/wyq5LPDx

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