Oct 262012

We’ve got a fresh update to the Kuma software that powers the MDN wiki for you! There’s not a lot of visible stuff here, but a lot is going on:

  • The “Sort table” option in the contextual menu that appears in the editor when you right-click on a table has returned!
  • The first preview version of our revision dashboard has been implemented. It’s nowhere near finished yet, but it’s a start. Because the current implementation is very low performance, access is currently heavily restricted to a few select people. We’ll open it up to everyone once the performance is in a safer place.
  • The wiki is now configured to use Mozilla’s content delivery network (CDN) to improve performance. Speed should be very noticeably improved now, especially if you’re outside North America.

The revision dashboard is a new feature we’re working on that will provide a one-stop page where you can go to see all the most recent changes to the site. You can see a mock-up for what it will eventually more or less look like:

A mockup of what the revisions dashboard will more or less look like eventually

And here’s what the current preview version actually looks like:

A screenshot of the current build of the revisions dashboard

The appearance is currently extremely rough, and none of the filters or features for actually manipulating the revisions in any way have been put into place yet.

The top area is a list of all of the most recent changes to the site (newest revision first, getting progressively older in each row in the list). Clicking on a change displays the diff for that change below.

This provides a convenient way to quickly review changes to the site.

Over time, this dashboard will offer features for reverting changes, banning users (if you’re an admin), quickly getting to pages to do an edit or view the page’s full history, and so forth. In addition, eventually we will find and use a better diff display that shows you a better look at the page. At any rate, this is very exciting progress, and I promise you’ll get to use this yourself before too long!

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