Nov 012012

This afternoon, we pushed a new build of Kuma to MDN. This version’s biggest win for typical users is it finally fixes the bug that was causing garbage to be displayed instead of content on certain pages. This mostly impacted the localization teams and their readers.

Here’s a look at what’s changed:

  • Cleanup work has been done to the UI in the revision dashboard. Most of you won’t see this yet, but it’s there.
  • There was a stray avatar image that was not being loaded securely, resulting in security warnings loading some pages. This has been fixed.
  • Font accesses have been made more intelligent in order to reduce unnecessary loads from the CDN. Previously, these were being incorrectly expired with every single access, requiring reloads of fonts all the time instead of allowing them to be cached.
  • Your profile page now lets you create API keys that you can use to work with the MDN API. Only some parts of the API require a key, including the new write API that lets you use PUT requests to manipulate content on pages. This API is not yet documented, but will be in the next few days.
  • The link for reporting login trouble has been updated to route the problem reports to the right place in Bugzilla.
  • Dev Derby copy has been updated for November 2012 and January 2013 text.
  • Other promotional text has been revised.

The bugs fixed here — especially the garbled text one and the font access improvements — will make life much better for a lot of people, especially those not reading en-US from within North America. The write API is going to make it possible to build some incredible tools for MDN. We’ll be sure to keep you posted about when documentation becomes available for that. It should be very very soon!

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