Nov 082012

There’s been another update to the Kuma software that powers the Mozilla Developer Network’s documentation wiki. A few things here, none of them super-huge. We continue to see most of the development team putting their time toward Big Things that hopefully will start reaching production soon.

  • Fixed errors in slug handling while editing pages under some circumstances.
  • Tabbing in the link editor dialog no longer causes it to close itself automatically if it thinks you’ve made your selection.
  • <span class=”nowiki”> in code samples, previously used when we were on MindTouch to prevent URLs from being turned into links in code samples, now has no effect and is not displayed in the samples.
  • Added dividing lines between the columns in the revision dashboard (still only available to a few people for testing).
  • Moved the revision dashboard into a new /dashboards/ subtree, in preparation for the addition of other dashboards in the future.
  • A few more promotional text adjustments.

We’re working up plans for our next sprint now. I hope that we will see live code samples and a few other big deal projects make it to production before the end of November!

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