Nov 122012

This week, I’ll be working again, albeit slowly. After many weeks of working slowly, that’s hardly unusual. However, what’s different is that hopefully things are on the upswing at last! Last Wednesday (November 7th), I had surgery to correct a spinal problem in my neck. In technical terms, I had an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion. This corrected a long-standing problem I’ve had with certain nerves in my neck — in addition to my spinal cord — being compressed, causing severe pain, coordination problems, and so forth.

Now that this problem is corrected, I can begin, finally, to recover!

Right now, of course, I’m recovering from the surgery. My pain is by and large not bad at all, and is much, much less than what I was going through previously. However, it does slow me down a bit, and if I sit up working for too long, I get very tired and have to take a rest. So I’ll be on again, off again on IRC and the like, and will be picking and choosing what I work on for the week.

But things should be getting better from here on out! I can’t wait!

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  1. Hope you have a speedy recovery! :-)

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