Nov 132012

Today we have another update the the Kuma code on MDN to talk about. It’s a small-seeming update that has a lot of big stuff going on in it.

The big change is the addition of a new button next to the <pre> button. This button inserts boilerplate code for our new live sample system. I’ve written up documentation for the current implementation of the live sample system (please take special note of the information about a bug that requires some source-mode twiddling to make things work), and you can see it in action in, of all places, the example section of the <marquee> documentation. The live sample system will get much easier to use over time, with a handy user interface for setting things up, editing the samples, and so forth, but this is a start!

There are a few other improvements, as well:

  • The <figcaption> element has been added to the HTML whitelist.
  • Changes to the slug on a a translated page are saved correctly; see bug 809617.
  • Improved the line-wrapping in tag list pages, such as this one for the tag “Media”.

That’s it. A few little things, plus the first pass at the live sample system. A happy update!

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