Nov 142012

That’s right! We have another, small, update to the Kuma software on MDN today. This is a really small update that corrects a bug in yesterday’s push, and has a chunk of code that’s disabled right now anyway.

  • Fixed the Live Sample boilerplate button to insert code with the correct class names. You can now use the Live Sample system without having to use source mode to correct the mistake.
  • Tweaked the backend code for the live sample system to be less picky about the class name strings’ content.
  • Added some backend code for the revisions dashboard; this is part of the upcoming support for filtering the contents of the list there. However, it’s disabled right now, so there’s no user-discernible impact.

For more information about using the live sample system, read the documentation for it on MDN. We’re all really excited about the live sample system. This is a feature we’ve wanted for ages (literally since back when I first joined Mozilla). So I’m thrilled that Louis-Rémi Babé came up with this technique (and wrote an initial proof of concept that showed it would work), and with Les Orchard and David Walsh for building the system. Thanks, guys!

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