Nov 152012

That’s right, everyone! We have a very lovely update of MDN’s Kuma platform for you today with some nice enhancements and fixes. This should be the last one of the week, unless we really blew it today.

  • When you click the button to insert a new live code sample, you now get prompted to enter a title for it. This title is used for the header for the sample’s section, and is used to generate the IDs of each of the code blocks within. In addition, the EmbedLiveSample template call is now created for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. It’s like magic!
  • Pressing the tab key while in a <pre> block no longer alternately either inserts &nbsp; characters or insets the entire code block; instead, it just inserts two spaces, as it’s supposed to do.
  • You can now have multiple compatibility tables per page.
  • More of the back-end work has been done for the KumaScript features for generating lists (both code-readable and human-readable) of subpages. This capability isn’t available yet, but it should be soon. We’re getting close!
  • The Revision Dashboard now lets you filter the list of revisions by locale and/or username. We’ve expanded the set of people this dashboard is available to, but it’s still a small set of core community members. I hope to open this to the whole community before a lot longer.

Obviously, the biggest changes visible to typical users here at the moment are the enhancements to live samples and editing of code snippets. However, the majority of the work in terms of sheer man-hours and hard work by our amazing development team is behind the scenes. For now. I’m really excited about the work they’re doing, and you’ll see even more excellent stuff soon!

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