Nov 152012

We’re having a virtual — that is, online — MDN documentation sprint from November 30 through December 1! We encourage anyone interested in helping make documentation of and for the open Web to log onto #devmo on and help out. Even if you only have a few minutes, it’s possible to make a huge difference. Indeed, if you’re a Web developer that knows lots of things, you can log in and help answer questions the writers might have. That’s a way you can contribute to MDN content without doing any writing yourself!

Check out the wiki page about this doc sprint and put your name on the list if you plan to participate. There’s even a list of links to suggested topics for work. And you can even contribute by simply adding live samples to existing articles, using our nifty new live sample system!

I hope to see you there! We always have a good time and get lots of great work done to make developing for the open Web easier for everyone!

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