Nov 272012

Yeah, this blog post is about a Kuma update from the middle of last week. But I was on vacation someplace warm and sunny at the time, so I didn’t get to blog about it. Now I am!

  • The button in the editor for inserting the boilerplate for live samples now includes subheadings for each code block (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).
  • The promotional campaign for the Social API has been added to the MDN home page.
  • The revision dashboard now has a column that shows the revision comment corresponding to each item in the list of revisions.
  • The date and time columns in the revision dashboard have been merged into one.
  • The locale filter dropdown menu in the revision dashboard has been changed to say “All locales” instead of “Choose a locale.”
  • Article names in the revision dashboard list are now links you can click to go to that article’s page.

There have also been some behind-the-scenes updates and fixes to tests and the like.

As you can see, this update was mostly about the revision dashboard. I think we’re getting close to ready to open it to the general public. I hope to have news on that soon!

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