Nov 282012

We’ve updated the Kuma platform on the MDN wiki this afternoon. Today’s update has lots of changes. A lot of them are somewhat hidden from view, but there’s been a lot of progress on stabilization, upgrades to dependencies, and the like. There’ve also been some real changes that may be of some use to you.

  • The Italian language is no longer listed twice in the Languages drop-down menu.
  • The HTML dir attribute is now in our Bleach whitelist, so you can use it in content on MDN.
  • When editing an article, the editor page’s <title> now includes the article’s title, so you can more easily find it among your browser’s tabs.
  • Special subtrees of the MDN site are now excluded from getting the “new” style applied to links to them. These are: /docs/new, docs/tag, /docs/feeds, /docs/templates, and /docs/needs-review.
  • More bits of the infrastructure for supporting getting lists of subpages from KumaScript code have landed.
  • Middle-clicking on an article title in the revision dashboard’s list now opens that page in a new tab.
  • Clicking on a user name in the revision dashboard list now filters on that username, showing you only that user’s changes.
  • Lots of work has been done on improving compatibility with a new version of Django we’re preparing to move to. There’s more to do, but this push is a very big initial step.
  • Automated test coverage has been improved.

We continue to teeter on the brink of landing full support for the following sweet capabilities, but aren’t quite there yet:

  • Page moving; this will let us move one or more pages from one place in our site hierarchy to another. This will be totally awesome to have.
  • A page.subpages() KumaScript function; this will return a code-readable list of all of the subpages of a given page. This will make it much easier to automate certain tasks in templates.
  • A wiki.tree() KumaScript function; this will return an HTML tree of links to subpages of a given page (or the current page). This will make it trivial to create simple landing pages for subsections of MDN. We have several broken landing pages waiting for the arrival of this function, so I’m pretty excited that work is progressing!

Things are moving along really well, and I’m still super excited about how well work on Kuma is going, and how far we’ve come. This platform has been great so far, and has so much more to offer in the future!

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