Nov 302012

We have a huge new version of the Kuma platform that powers MDN today! Well, no, not really. It’s actually really small. But John Karahalis asked me to be sure to post a long, detailed post about it, and because my sense of humor commands me to oblige, here it is!

  • The text copy promoting the January Dev Derby — for the Drag and Drop API — has been updated.
  • Text copy for the February Dev Derby — for demos using the Touch Events API — has been added.
  • The text copy for the Offline Dev Derby for December has been added, too.

A screen shot of the updated Dev Derby copy

This is so very exciting! It’s a virtual smorgasbord of promotional goodness!

Well, not really exciting, exactly. But it’s an update, and John practically dared me to blog about it, so I couldn’t let it slide.

No way.

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