Dec 052012

We did a second push of the Kuma code to MDN last night to pick up a few bonus changes!

The “sample finder”

The biggest new feature is the addition of a new button has been added to the toolbar to let you insert an <iframe> for any code sample from anywhere on MDN. Simply click the Insert code sample iFrame button in the toolbar. This will present you with a dialog box like the following:

You can choose any section in the current document from which to pull sample code (which comes from the <pre> blocks inside that section). You can even choose to pull the sample from a different article entirely! This lets you reuse samples, share bits of code across pages, and so forth.

But wait, there’s more!

We have a few other updates, too!

  • One of the fixes from earlier yesterday, to set minimum widths for columns in the revision dashboard, didn’t actually get picked up in the first push. It did, however, in the second.
  • There have been more updates to the copy for the February Dev Derby.
  • We reverted some of the changes to the Persona login, because the change to using the new API was not as simple has we’d been led to believe.

We continue to drive ever onward, forward, and upward!

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