Dec 052012

One of the relatively new features on MDN’s Kuma wiki — and one that’s still a work in progress — is the Revision Dashboard. This dashboard presents you with a list of the most recently changed articles, and lets you review those changes. Although the dashboard isn’t yet linked to from the UI on the MDN wiki, it’s there. We’ll add a link to it soon; we have some UI decisions to make first.

The dashboard page consists of three sections: the filter section, the revision list, and the revision diff.


At the top, there are filtering options.

Screen shot of the filter list

You can choose to filter by locale, if you’re interested only in changes in a given locale. By default, you get all locales, but often you’re only interested in changes in your language (or in English if you’re looking for new stuff to translate). In addition, you can filter to find recent changes for a specific user. You can specify these filters in the URL, as well. For example:

Revision list

The revision list is (surprisingly enough) a list of article revisions. Each row in the list corresponds to one edit to an article. The article’s locale and title are listed, as well as the date of the revision, the username of the person that made the change, and any comment they added when saving the article.

Screenshot of the article list

Clicking on a revision in the list displays the revision’s diff and additional options; with these, you can revert a change (thereby making the version of the article prior to the selected one current), view the page, open the page in the editor, or view the page’s complete history.

Clicking on an article’s title will open that article so you can read it in all its glory. Clicking a username filters the current list to only show changes made by that user.

Revision diff

After you’ve clicked on an article revision, the Revision Diff area shows a diff of the HTML, so you can see what changed in that revision of the article.

Screen shot of the diff area

Viewing the actual article may be handy when reviewing more complex diffs, since it can be hard to gauge what exactly changed when looking at the raw HTML source.

Expect change!

The revision dashboard is undergoing ongoing development, so expect it to look different from time to time. In fact, I’m already seeing mockups of it looking rather different (and better!) than this in several ways. But the core functionality is there. Expect change, but it’ll be great change!

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