Dec 122012

We have a glorious new update to Kuma today! This update adds some nice improvements to the MDN wiki:

  • The initial page moving feature has landed! It’s still very rough around the edges, and there are follow-up bugs to be addressed. Because of that, it’s disabled for everyone but administrators for now. But it’s getting there, and this is a big day we’ve been waiting for for a long time.
  • The table in the revision dashboard has been reorganized a bit; the Comment column has been removed, and the comment is now displayed underneath the article’s title, when there’s a comment. In addition, the locale has been moved to the right side of the article title column.
  • The Revision Diff section in the revision dashboard now shows the title of the article, so you have it handy down below if you’ve scrolled the list of articles off the screen.
  • RSS feeds now default to 50 items being returned; you can change this by specifying a limit parameter in the request. We plan to add an offset parameter eventually as well, so you can get feed data in batches.
  • We added support for CORS to the site that hosts sample code, to avoid errors that occurred when trying to load assets (such as fonts for @font-face).
  • The datetime attribute has been white-listed, so it can be used.
  • Updated the Persona authentication code.

This is a huge update! We attempted to land most of it on Friday but ran into a significant bug that required the update to be rolled back and repaired. That’s now done, and things look good. We hope to open page moving up more soon, once it’s had more testing. Stay tuned!

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