Jan 102013

That’s right! Even though just earlier today I blogged about last night’s Kuma software update on the MDN web site, we have another one. I adore our development team. I could squee all day about this stuff, but instead, let’s have a look at what’s changed:

  • When moving a page, you can now change its title at the same time; this field was previously editable, but its new value was being ignored.
  • The Styles drop-down menu in the editor now includes the “standardSidebar” and “syntaxbox” styles; these are used to create right-floated call-out sidebars and the syntax boxes used near the top of the CSS and (soon) other reference pages, such as HTML.
  • Submenus no longer sometimes stick off the edge of your window if you’re using a right-to-left locale.
  • A formatting problem that could cause ugly wrapping of article version histories has been fixed.
  • More removal of cruft has been done on the development VM.

Not a lot of changes, but several that will be a real boon to select people. In particular, I’m personally thrilled by the improvement to the page move tool, since I’ve been doing a lot of organizational clean-up work lately, and this will streamline that work noticeably. I’m also happy about the update to the Style menu, since these styles are getting used more and more — and being able to avoid dropping into the source editor to apply them is a huge help!

The staff MDN writers and the MDN development team are meeting next week in Austin, Texas to talk about development plans for the next six months or so. I’m looking forward to seeing them all. These are excellent people, and it’s a privilege to work with them all.

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