Jan 102013

We pushed an update to MDN’s Kuma platform last night. One nice, currently-useful change, one change that has more work left to be done before it’s ready to use, and a few behind-the-scenes tweaks you won’t notice yet.

  • Page moves are more clearly called out on the revision dashboard now, with a little box showing the source and destination pages on each relevant entry.
  • Fixed a bug with choosing a locale in Firefox in the translation UI.
  • The environment variables for a page now include information about which review tags are set on the page. This is a JavaScript Array.
  • Removed obsolete remnant bits of DekiWiki and switched to Ubuntu on our development VMs.
  • Reworked save page logic in preparation to bring back support for editing individual sections in addition to full-page editing.

There are some technical issues involved in getting these lists reported as actual arrays, but that’s something we do hope to do soon.

Other than the bug fix and the revision dashboard change, most of these changes are behind-the-scenes for now (the VM changes and the save logic changes).

In addition, you can’t yet see that tag information for other pages (it’s only available via the current page’s environment variables list). I’m filing a bug for that right now; I didn’t clearly communicate the use cases for this to the development team. Oops.

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