Jan 162013

We have a new Kuma platform update tonight! The new version features the following improvements:

  • The following JavaScript keywords are now recognized by the JavaScript syntax highlighter: class, enum, export, extends, interface, let, package, private, protected, static, and yield.
  • The favicon has been updated to get rid of spurious white pixels.
  • The link to the CSS Reference in the Learn section of the site has been updated.
  • Fixed a thumbnail hovering problem on the Dev Derby promotion.
  • Added to the Kuma API a new “toc” command, which returns an ordered HTML list representation of the table of contents for a page.
  • The “Save and Keep Editing” button no longer disappears when you reveal the page metadata editing fields.

Nothing major, but a few nice quality of life improvements.

The core MDN team has been meeting in Austin, Texas this week to plan development work for the next year. I’ll be blogging more about what we’ve come up with next week. We have Plans! Big Plans!

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  3 Responses to “Kuma update: January 16, 2013”

  1. May I ask why I do not have permission to edit this page https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Template:deprecatedGeneric
    there is no “edit” button

  2. Only certain people have permissions to edit templates, due to the fact that changes to templates can have broad-reaching impact on the site. If you have a change that needs to be made, you can bring it up in #devmo and someone can make it for you!

  3. Got it, Thanks.

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