Jan 232013

This post is not just a note about the changes in yesterday’s Kuma push to the MDN web site, but also serves to explain a change to our deployment process. The MDN development team is switching to a “continuous deployment” model, where new changes will be pushed to production as soon as they’re ready, instead of batching them.

Because of that, I won’t be blogging every single push anymore. Instead, I’ll mention specific new features as they’re ready for you to use, if they’re of major interest, or I’ll batch pushes together and mention the little but still interesting things all at once.

However, we do have a few interesting things in this new push, so I’ll mention those today:

  • The object returned by the wiki.getPage() KumaScript function now includes a translations array of objects that describe each translated version of the page. Each object in the array has three values:
    • locale — the locale of the translation
    • title — the translation’s page title
    • url — the URL of the translated page
  • The “revert this page” confirmation now shows the tag changes that will result from the reversion.
  • The “needs technical review” and “needs editorial review” banners are now much less scary looking; instead of being red, they’re a softer yellow.
  • The old devnews RSS feed now redirects to an appropriate feed providing appropriate content from the Hacks blog.
  • Some style cleanup has been done to the static portions of the site.
  • The feedback link at the bottom of pages no longer links to our long-discontinued forums; instead, they link to a new page on the wiki that explains how to offer feedback, including how to file bugs, get into IRC, and that you can contribute fixes yourself.

A few nice improvements, and the new deployment plan is an interesting development!

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