Mar 192013

Let’s take a look at all the updates to the Kuma platform that powers MDN that have been installed since February 28th! There have been a number of changes, although most of the work our development team has been doing continues to be behind the scenes as they continue to build toward switching over from Google search to our new internal elastic search based system.

  • Long headings now indent when wrapping in tables of contents blocks.
  • New pages are now labeled as such in the Revision Dashboard.
  • Assorted CSS improvements.
  • Improvements to handling of the HTTP accept-language header.
  • Back-end work on implementing support for per-page configurable maximum table of contents depth. This isn’t finished yet, though.
  • More work on implementing section editing. This, too, is not yet finished.
  • Lots of code cleanup, Demo Studio bug fixes, and other things you probably won’t notice but are actually important.

Despite the mostly innocuous appearance of this list, there’s a lot going on, and big things are afoot.

On the writing side of things, we’ve got a lot going on. I should be posting some stuff soon. Keep an eye on this space!

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