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A key step in the documentation process is the review. The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) developer documentation team aspires to perform two types of review on each article on the wiki:

A technical review involves having someone with technical expertise in the article’s subject area read the article and ensure that it’s factually and technically accurate. This means making sure our explanations of the subject matter are right and make sense to the developers, as well as ensuring that any code samples are implemented correctly.

An editorial review is where someone reads the article and corrects any typos, grammatical mistakes, or stylistic or layout problems they can find.

When writing an article (or editing an existing article), there are checkboxes that let you request each of these types of review on your article; indeed, both of these flags are enabled by default for any newly-created page. Yellow banners are displayed at the top of the page to let readers know that these flags are set, as appropriate.

In the past, the only way to remove the review requests (for example, if you’ve read the article and didn’t see any factual errors) was to click the Edit button, scroll to the checkbox for the editorial review, toggle it off, and save the article.

Now there’s a better way!

Now, on pages with one or both of these review flags set, you’ll see a new “Quick review” box at the bottom of the article. This box looks like this:

Screenshot of the quick review box on MDN

The MDN Quick Review box.

All you have to do if you’ve completed a review is to turn on the appropriate checkbox(es) and click “Confirm Reviews.” The review is recorded and you have our gratitude for your help!

If you’d like to actually hunt down and take care of articles in need of review, there’s an easy way to find them:

I’m hopeful that this streamlined approach to reviews will help encourage subject-matter experts to review content, and will help casual users of MDN get involved by reviewing content as well. We have some improvements planned for future updates to MDN that will make this even better, but this is a great start, and I’m grateful to our development team for putting this together!

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  3 Responses to “Documentation reviews in a snap on MDN”

  1. This seems very handy! I went to MDN to look for something that would give me a big list of articles that are looking for technical and editorial reviews. On the main page for the docs in English,, there are boxes at lower right that show links to 5 articles in each review category. Is there a big list somewhere?

  2. There is a big list! You can go to these pages:

    That’ll give you a list of the pages in need of review. In fact, that’s so useful, I’m adding them to the blog post!

  3. Hi,sheppy.I really want some special privileges like “Move this page” and editing template pages.Because there is no one Chinese volunteer have this privilege.We need it to move the pages in “/zh-CN/docs/DOM/”,”/zh-CN/docs/CSS/” … to “/zh-CN/docs/Web/API” directory.My profile in MDN is

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