May 162013

I’ve released OK-Writer 1.4! The latest version of my Mac OS X word processor aimed at children and others who need a simplified user interface for word processing. The new version has new retina-quality icons, improved user interface layout, full-screen mode support, and other improvements.

OK-Writer 1.4 screen shot

One of the things I’m particularly proud of is the unforeseen use of OK-Writer by people with disabilities, especially vision problems. Its speak-as-you-write features have proven useful for the disabled. That’s a great source of personal pride for me.

To get a little more specific about what’s changed in this version other than the retina icons, I’ve spruced up some of the innards a bit to prepare for some future work I’m planning to do, and obviously the background is no longer brushed metal, but is a lovely periwinkle-like blue. I’ve fixed a couple of minor bugs, and the buttons don’t drift around slightly crazily when you resize the window anymore.

Full-screen mode has proven popular with Sophie, too. I may do some experiments with ways to make that experience better and/or more fun in the future. I made sure to make that code conditional so that the program still works on OS X 10.6 upward.

I did drop PowerPC support in this release, and I dropped support for Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.5. But this version is built as a 32/64-bit Universal binary. It was time to cut the cord on some of the older Macs, but the older version of OK-Writer is still available on my web site for people who need it.

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