Oct 252013

Big progress today on MDN! Support for moving pages has returned, now refactored to run as a background task, alerting the person that initiated the move by email once it’s complete. This feature is only available to site administrators for the time being. Still, this is a huge, huge deal! Deleting pages should come along soon; it shares a lot of code with page moving.

It’s worth noting that we’re still testing the page move functionality, so we’ll be starting with small numbers of pages and working our way upward.

So here’s a brief overview of the changes of note for the last few days:

  • Page moving, available to administrators. This lets us move one page or an entire tree of pages, leaving behind redirects.
  • Site redesign progress
    • On mobile devices, the TOC at the top of the page is initially collapsed (closed). Tap on it to open it up.
    • The languages menu, formerly hidden in the “gear” menu, now has its own menu, adjacent to the “gear” menu.
    • The “quick links” section in the left sidebar now includes a “See also” heading, since that’s how those links are typically used.
    • The buttons to expand and contract things like the TOC are now plus and minus icons rather than arrows.
    • Zone subpage titles are no longer italicized.
    • Styles while editing content should more closely match the way it will appear when rendered for reading.
  • Assorted adjustments to layout and padding.

So, lots of great progress here, both on site functionality and on the new design. I think our international community will especially appreciate the more discoverable language picker.

As always, don’t hesitate to post to the dev-mdn list if you have concerns with the design.

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