Oct 302013

We’ve had a few more improvements to our new design land over the last couple of days. Key among them is improved responsive design; our layout now works better both at very small and very large screen sizes, and should provide more of the viewport’s area for article content.

Specific changes of interest:

  • On small desktop screens, the left sidebar is now kept visible, but the article’s TOC and tags are nudged up above the body of the article instead of being in a right sidebar.
  • On the first page of search results, the “View all” link has been removed.
  • Fixed alignment of the MDN logo with the rest of the left-aligned content on the page.
  • Back-end work to allow analytics to know the difference between users that are logged in and not logged in, so we can get real statistics about contribution rates.

This is a pretty small set of changes, but they should improve usability noticeably, if subtly in some cases.

I do think we have a few more column width issues to resolve; in particular, I think the maximum width of our sidebars is still too large. We’ll see what we can do about that.

My last post about Kuma updates mentioned that page moves had returned; unfortunately, we uncovered a bug in that feature just minutes after I posted, and had to disable it again. However, a fix has been devised and is in testing now. I hope to see page moving land again in the next day or two.

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