Nov 122013

A new push of the Kuma code to the MDN web site was done yesterday, followed by another this morning. Here’s a quick look at what’s new.

  • Page moving has landed again at last. This is for now available only to administrators, I believe. The emails that let you know when page moves have finished don’t always send correctly due to what appears to be a server configuration problem. We have a bug filed for IT to look at it.
  • The Elastic Search indexing task has been rate-limited so it doesn’t chew up so many resources that it blocks other tasks from running.
  • We can add the attribute data-default-state="open" to quicklink “folder” items to make them default to open rather than closed.
  • Redirects and user pages are no longer shown in search results, which makes the search results much better. This will require a site index rebuild, so you may not see this improvement right away.
  • Names in user profiles now have wider letter spacing.
  • The capitalization of the “See also” heading in the sidebar above quicklinks has been corrected, and the link color is being enforced on the quicklinks box.
  • Fixed the demo studio links to draw above the spotlight image so that they’re clickable.
  • Content tables now all have a bottom margin.
  • The “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons in the search results are now just “Previous” and “Next”.
  • Other assorted style cleanup work has been done.

This is a big deal, in that we finally have page moves. We’ll use it cautiously at first, to avoid (hopefully) any disasters if new bugs are found. But we’re pretty confident this time, other than the server issue with failing confirmation emails.

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