Dec 132013

We’ve pushed a number of updates to Kuma (the software that powers the MDN web site) lately. Here are a few of the more interesting changes:

  • Our redesigned user experience has launched! Key features include a new, more attractive look and feel, sidebar navigation in several areas of the site to help you get around specific APIs and technology areas, and more.
  • A new search engine is in place, which not only searches better, but provides filters to let you narrow down your search more easily.
  • Pages’ tables of contents no longer have numbers next to each item, and items are indented by heading level. This will make the TOCs much more readable.
  • A bug causing menus to be cut off on mobile devices has been fixed.
  • A bug causing horizontal scrolling on mobile devices has been fixed.
  • The initialization of “Tabzilla” (the unified Mozilla tab at the top of the page) is now done in a different place, which will improve page load performance.
  • We’ve removed some unused CSS and JavaScript, which hopefully will help load times a little bit.
  • The “Interested in reading this offline” link that took you to a page suggesting you download some apps that just provide a different way to read MDN has been removed. This was an experiment that somehow never ended.
  • When editing profiles, the correct email address is now displayed.
  • Several legacy files have been removed.

There’s a ton of nice improvements! The team will be focusing on fixing performance issues for the next few weeks. Other stuff will be happening too, but we’re going to make a big push to try to improve our load times.

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