Jan 062014

Getting back to work after a long break is always odd. It’s especially strange this time, since all of Mozilla was closed for two weeks. Takes a while to get a big ship moving again after being in dry dock for a while.

Looking forward to a very crazy busy and productive month: a couple weeks of catch-up work and work on the MDN user guide materials, then on-site writer staff meetup for 2014 planning (I expect to do some video meetings too, for community involvement). Then a couple days visiting family before returning to the SF office to hang with a multi-team dev work week for a couple days, to give insights on the writing process and ways devs can help make docs processes go better.

My personal goals for MDN, content-wise, for the coming year revolve largely around ease-of-use: improving documentation about how to use MDN, guiding the development team toward making MDN easier to use, fixing site organization problems, and encouraging more developers and development teams to be more actively engaged with the documentation process.

I also hope to do more blogging about working in documentation as a field, how to be a technical writer, and the like. I feel that I have insights there that might be useful, and that I should try to share them.

It’s going to be a great year for MDN — I fully expect that people are going to be really impressed with, and excited by, all the improvements we’ll continue to make over the coming months.

On a personal note, my ability to get back up to speed is being seriously impacted by my being at a high point in my pain cycle. It also doesn’t help that my pain goes up faster the more I type. Next week, I will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon to investigate the possibility of a structural problem of some kind in my shoulder. That would be lovely, to have that on top of the existing nervous system problems, but it would at least be something that can probably be fixed!


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