Feb 052014

MDN is big. Really big. There are many thousands of pages just in English; once you add in all the various localizations, you’re talking about tens of thousands of pages of content.

A lot of it is excellent. Some of it is merely “good.” And some of it is really, really out of date or useless. The problem is, we don’t always know which is which, since there’s so much of it.

As part of our “year of content,” we’re going to be buckling down and poring over the existing material on MDN, locating the stuff that’s just awful and either fixing it or getting rid of it. We’re going to also clean up and improve the good stuff to make it great. And we’re going to make sure everything is in the right place, tagged properly, and easy to find.

This is going to be a big project.

To help ensure we’ve got a handle on what’s going on across the breadth of topics MDN covers, each MDN writing staff member has voluntarily taken on a broad topic area to be responsible for curating:

  • Firefox (desktop and mobile): Will Bamberg
  • Firefox OS: Chris Mills
  • Web Platform
    • APIs: Eric Shepherd
    • CSS: Jean-Yves Perrier
    • HTML: Jean-Yves Perrier
    • JavaScript: Florian Scholz
    • Others (SVG/MathML/etc): Florian Scholz
  • Web apps: Chris Mills
  • Developer tools: Will Bamberg
  • Other Mozilla-specific topics
    • Marketplace: Chris Mills
    • Games: Chris Mills
    • Thunderbird: no owner at this time
    • L20n: Chris Mills
    • Emscripten: Chris Mills
    • Persona/Firefox accounts: Will Bamberg
    • Learning Web development: Chris Mills
  • MDN community and how-to-document content: Janet Swisher and Eric Shepherd

You may have noticed that Thunderbird documentation has no curator. Given that this is now a community-driven project, we decided against assigning a staff writer to curating Thunderbird’s content. If the Thunderbird team would like to assign someone, please let me know!

I’ll blog in the next few days about the process by which our content curation effort will be handled. Until then, let’s keep on building the best documentation on the Web!

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