Aug 092021

We gave the Afghan people hope. Briefly. Now we’ve abandoned them to the fate of being overrun by and crushed under the heel of the Taliban.

I get why people wanted to leave. Twenty years is a long time. But there are people in danger here. Leaving them to what’s coming their way isn’t just wrong, it’s cruel; and I’m appalled that we’re going to just stand back and let this happen.

Another generation of Afghans will suffer. And my heart breaks for the girls and women that will have to live (if that’s really what you can call it) under Taliban rule. The hope we had given them, yanked away, is most tragic of all. Things haven’t been perfect under the new government by any means, but they were so much better than under Taliban rule, and there was hope. At least women had rights of any kind. That is about to end.

Our excuses for leaving are weak at best. “It’s expensive, it’s taking too long, why out our troops at risk for them?” Why? Because we promised to help them. We can’t just quit on them because we’re tired of it.

It’s like promising to teach someone to swim then wandering off when they start to drown. We are complicit in what’s happening and, worse, we’re to blame for what’s to come.

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