May 202009

That doofus Larry King tweeted the results of “American Idol” less than 10 minutes after the show ended on the east coast. What the hell?  I’ve unfollowed him… not that it does a lot of good now.

Yeah, it’s a stupid show. Blame my musician brother for getting me hooked on it. He insisted on watching while he was visiting last year, and I’ve been unable to kick it since then.

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Feb 112008

I’ve been watching L&O this season again, for the first time in a couple of years.  I really like the addition of Jeremy Sisto to the cast.  He makes a great counter to Jesse L. Martin’s suaveness.  It’s great to see a team of such different personalities (that still get along well) together again; this may be the best matchup since Chris Noth and Jerry Orbach.

Hopefully this matchup, in combination with being one of the few new things on TV other than reality stuff, will save L&O and give us another season.

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Apr 092007

In about an hour, we head for the airport to send me on my way to California for the MoCo Q1 onsite meeting. In theory the developer relations team is getting together to meet over breakfast tomorrow or Wednesday, but realistically I know that we have a history of not managing to pull it off. Shaver’s a popular guy (or at least has a lot of demands on his time), so getting everyone together in one place to actually discuss things is tricky.

Once again, the meeting has been scheduled at a time that I have to leave early — I’ll be heading home Thursday morning. Our season tickets for the theater have just happened to coincide with the past three of these quarterly onsite meetings. Sure not interested in skipping it after spending all that money to buy the tickets. :)

Today I fly through Atlanta. As they say down here, “If you’re flying Delta, the road to hell goes through Atlanta.” I get to spend a couple of hours there to chill out, but would prefer if it were somewhere more mid-journey. Oh well…

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Jan 232007

OK, I didn’t see that one coming. Not at all. Really, really didn’t see it coming. Really.


Holy cow! Who saw that coming? Graham “I played Rocket Romano on ER” is Jack Bauer’s brother!? What the hell?


Also, am I the only one that doesn’t think Wayne Palmer is half the man David was? David would have refused to go into the bunker. David Palmer was one of those TV Democrats you go “if the Democrats actually ran someone like that, I’d actually vote for him” over.

The big question, of course, is: “How involved in Graham’s evilness is Jack’s dad?” The evidence is certainly pointing at him being involved, what with his suddenly disappearing just before these attacks start.

I’m really quite flabbergasted. This season finally grabbed me in yesterday’s episode. Wow.


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Jan 192007

So we finally finished watching the first four hours of season six of “24” last night. We’ve got mixed feelings on this season so far. Highlight the text below to read what I think, since it contains spoilers.

While it’s exciting, it’s the most unrealistic season to date. The president of the United States would never really offer to hand over dozens of prisoners in exchange for a “maybe we won’t blow any more people up” offer.

Additionally, Jack, while a true post-9/11 Superman, is comporting himself remarkably well for a guy that just spent two years being tortured. Sure he’s a little panicky and slow on the trigger, and sure he barfed after the surprising shooting at the end of the fourth hour. But still, he’s not a gibbering idiot, either.

I don’t get Wayne Palmer as President of the United States. It’s totally unbelievable. He’s just not personable enough to get elected, and has always had this subtle touch of a shady side. I suppose he might have gotten elected on a “You liked my brother, so you’ll like me” platform though.

And while some people will disagree with me (often vehemently) the extreme reaction to the Muslim community that’s taking place in the show is unrealistic to me. I think in this day and age the majority of people are better than that. I also don’t really believe the mad extremes to which the administration is going on the show are realistic. This, too, some people will argue with me on (and some people will say it’s already nearly that bad, which I disagree with, although I do have some qualms with how things are being done).

I’m pleased to see the head of the Islamic organization appearing to be a genuinely good guy. I’m less pleased to see the kid across the street turning out to be a terrorist. While it’s a good little plot twist from a story perspective, it’s a little clichéd, as well. It would have been more interesting if the pasty white guy had been a terrorist.

Sadly, given today’s climate, that would have been a lot less believable.

I will say that given the previews for next week’s show, and “24”‘s history of having layers upon layers of conspiracy, I wager that we’ll see someone else pulling the strings, and that this turns out not to be about jihad at all, but about some pasty white guy that doesn’t like the status quo.

That would be all right with me. While I think that entertainment is entertainment and needs not to be taken so seriously, I do understand how frustrating it must be for Muslims to have so few (if any) positive role models on television.

How about a cool Muslim agent at CTU? That’d be awesome and would make for some potentially interesting storylines.

Anyway, all that said, I enjoy “24” — I just think that so far this season has pushed my ability to suspend disbelief beyond the breaking point.

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Nov 072006

So I watched “Heroes” last night, and I’m now very much convinced that Niki is in fact going to be a villain, while her ex, the somewhat enigmatic and supposedly bad-guy, is going to wind up being one of the heroes. Very cool.

I certainly can’t see much upside from a good-buy perspective to having a psychotic alter-ego that likes to solve problems through brutal murder.

Sarah and I have been watching our DVDs of the awesome and sadly canceled long before its time Aaron Sorkin series “Sports Night” the last few days. Watching them — and still loving them — I’m realized why, in part, I like “Studio 60” so much. It reminds me immensely of “Sports Night,” which is in my opinion one of the best half-hour television programs ever made.

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May 112006

This post blabs a lot about last night’s episode of Lost, so if you don’t want to know, skip it. If you do want to know, highlight the rest of the article to be able to see it.

So the “?” on the map is apparently the Pearl Station. With nine video monitors for observing other facilities. That’s quite interesting. Looks like only one station’s monitor still works, which is the Swan, where the survivors are located.

I found this episode quite fascinating. The flashbacks for Eko were interesting, but the big thing, of course, was the Pearl’s orientation video. I don’t know how much of it we should believe though, given the tendency toward misinformation the Dharma folks seem to exhibit as a rule.

It was of course a given that Libby would die before being able to tell anyone that Michael was the killer.

Probably the most intriguing thing, however, is the confluence of the dreams shared by Eko and Locke. These two have apparently been “chosen,” for lack of a better word, to accomplish something together. It will be interesting to see what comes of that.

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May 042006

What got into you, man?

Just finished watching tonight’s episode of Lost. Sarah thinks he’s become one of Them. I think he’s doing what he’s doing because they’ve promised he can see Walt again if he does it.

At any rate, tonight’s episode was one of those where we sat there going, “Whoa!” for a couple minutes after it was over.

I knew Anna Lucia was going to be killed off, probably thanks to her whole drunk driving thing, but I wasn’t expecting quite so… intriguing… an ending.

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Apr 282006

Sarah and I pretty much agree: the voiceover on last night’s Lost retrospective episode was pretty lame, and definitely unnecessary.

The retrospective might have been more useful for people who hadn’t watched the entire season so far over just the last four weeks or so.

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